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Why use Mortgage Guys?


  • You can go to every bank one at a time or you can go to them all at once Mortgage Guys – one and done
  • Apply online in minutes from the comfort of your home
  • Rates as low as you go !
  • Get unbiased expert advice with hundreds of options no single bank can provide
  • Secure a rate hold for up to 120 days
  • Fast we mean really fast service
  • Save a ton of time and money with our pre-negotiated rates and terms

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What are the Benefits?

If you think refinancing your mortgage will have any of these benefits, talk to one of our mortgage brokers and take advantage of our expert advice and guidance — with the lowest mortgage refinance rates anywhere.



Consolidate Payments

You can consolidate 4 or 5 payments into one easy payment each month making your money management much easier?


Lower Rates

Mortgage Rates are much lower than rates on car financing, credit cards, or unsecured lines of credit. These low rates will save you significant dollars at the end of each month?


Positive Financial Impact

Positively impact your financial situation with better cash flow to make other investments or use pre-payment privileges to pay off your mortgage sooner.

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You can go to every bank one at a time or you can go to them all at once with one application why not be one and done– something no bank can do ! With exceptional service, expert advice we will save you thousands.


Our Mortgage Process Simplified.

At MortgageGuys.com we want to provide you with a stress-free mortgage experience.

  • Pre Approval Consultation: Well discuss what your situation and needs are and provide the options with any pros and cons to each. From here you'll fill out an application online or in-person and upload the necessary documentation. Then you'll receive a pre-approval and budget so you can begin your search.
  • Make An Offer On Your Home and Gather The Necessary Information: We’ll review and gather employment letters, pay stubs, and all necessary documents to make sure there are no surprises at the end.
  • Select a Lender: Together we’ll review lender options and the type of loan that best suits you.
  • Mortgage Loan Submission Mortgage Load Approval: We are notified of the approval and we then ensure with you any outstanding conditions are met prior to funding.
  • Prepare Mortgage Documents: Your mortgage documents are completed and you can sign them from the comfort of your home or come in to sign.
  • Mortgage Funding: Your mortgage funds are then transferred by wire to your lawyer on your closing date.
  • Move in and love your new home – CONGRATULATIONS!



Did you know that you can refinance up to 80% of your home’s value?

As housing prices have appreciated significantly in the past few years, many Canadians have chosen to unlock the value of their homes by refinancing their mortgage for a variety of reasons including debt consolidation, combining first and second mortgages, and renovations. Find out more about mortgage refinance options today by contacting Mortgage Guys!

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