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How to Ensure that Moving with Kids can be a Positive Experience

Moving is a positive experience for kids

If you’ve read this heading, you could be wondering how that one can work! There is no doubt that moving for anyone can be a traumatic experience, such as applying for a mortgage on your own. However, keep in mind, that unlike most adults, kids look on life as one big adventure, designed to amuse them and that’s the secret to a moving success!

The question of moving with kids is frequently a subject of discussion among those parents who have made a move with them. If you’re moving into a new home, then the searching, negotiating and committing to the mortgage is complete. All that’s left to do now is move, with the kids!  The first thing is to join them in the moving adventure, starting with the saying of goodbyes to their friends and the familiar surroundings. This is an important stage because it reinforces the adventure aspect, the kids get some great attention from their friends, and it builds the excitement.

Getting back to normality

Before signing the mortgage agreement, you probably made a thorough inspection of the new property and the kids have made their ideas regarding who should go where and what to do. In this respect plan some fun things to do as soon as you all arrive at your new home. This can include taking them along to the local store for a welcoming ice-cream or even a meal. It’s a great way to get a feeling for the new neighbourhood environment and the people in it.

The idea behind all this is to maintain a sense of normality, it’s not a big deal, well, not for the kids. Quickly establish your family routines and remind the kids that whilst the home may have changed, you are all part of the same family!  During the unpacking, remember to direct attention towards the ‘high-usage’ areas, for example, the family room, kitchen, and bathroom.   

Kids rule

Of particular importance is the arranging of the kids’ bedrooms and in this operation, allow them some freedom in the decision making. Sure, you’re paying the mortgage, but it’s the kids that count, and they will feel more comfortable in their new environment if you help them feel their bedroom space is truly, their own.

If you have enjoyed the experience and wish to repeat it, then when looking for your next home, give the Mortgage Guys a call because they are kid-friendly, and also like adults!