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5 Quick but effective ways to make your home more appealing to a buyer

Five home enhancers


Curbside appeal is all about creating the right first impression for a buyer. In effect, it means making the home a drawcard with the attraction on the outside making them want to see more by going inside. It could be seen as being a significant influencing factor in buying an existing home at the right price and negotiating the best terms on a mortgage in Guelph.


Nobody wants to enter an unclean and apparently uncared for home unless they are after a rock bottom deal! Therefore, as a seller, irrespective of how clean you think your asset is, give it a thorough cleaning. If you’re a buyer, then you will look at it from another perspective, how little you can pay for this building! You can try some figures on a mortgage calculator, or seek some professional advice from the local Mortgage Guys.


Like figures on a mortgage calculator, a home can sometimes appear untidy and cluttered. Natural, everyday living with or without children and pets can naturally create an untidy environment. This may not be noticeable to the residents, but to a buyer, it can be a put-off! It also is a situation that makes a property appear smaller and crucially, it can change the asset value. As a buyer or seller, it’s always worthwhile getting an expert opinion.


One of the magic remedies for a home that needs some “TLC” is a paint job! Whether a buyer or a seller, it can present an image of loving care and can even be the cause of a transformation in character. A fresh, gleaming paint appearance can not only increase the estimated value appearing on a mortgage calculator, it can change the whole perception of the potential investment.


A well cared for garden is usually a great start for a buyer and an influencing factor in that all-important first impression. A neat lawn and maintained environment present an image of peace and relaxation. It’s not only financial value, but something personal, an escape at the end of a day, time with the family and recreation with a barbecue. It becomes a personal part of nature. It can be the cause of contacting the professionals and asking them to make a plan, which will be great when it all comes together in the shape of a wonderful home and investment!