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Relieving the Stress with a new mortgage

The homebuyer finance maze

There are many and varied terms associated with buying a home and arranging the finance connected with it. It is added to by learning the types of products available to you and then making decisions, amongst which is what commitment best suits your specific circumstances. For the majority of Canadians, investing in a home is acquiring the most significant asset in their lifetime, as well as being one of their most crucial financial decisions.

Buying a home can be a financially wise and generally sound investment. However,  it is essential to completely understand the responsibilities attached to buying a home and future ownership, especially the financial aspects. In many respects, the services of a qualified mortgage broker in Guelph are required to fully understand the initial process of buying your home. It is critical to ensuring that the decisions you make are the right ones for your particular lifestyle and financial circumstances, now and into the foreseeable future.

Home ownership process

Gaining access to the means of achieving affordable home ownership has become increasingly challenging for Canadians, significantly contributed to by recent changes in the mortgage rules by the federal government. It has created areas of concern and issues that in any respects demand the attention of qualified professional Guelph mortgage brokers. An important reason for this is that your ability to purchase a home could be affected particularly if you are a first-time homebuyer.

Among the issues confronting you could be the fact of your home purchasing power being reduced, and a potential stress test that requires you to qualify for your mortgage at a higher rate than you would have before the changing of the mortgage rulings. Accordingly, the mortgage process can for many homebuyers be an intimidating and confusing process. With the introduction of changes to the mortgage rates, it must now be considered a necessity that you consult a qualified professional Guelph mortgage broker to act on your behalf and guide you through this financial maze!

At Mortgage Guys we have the knowledge and experience to guide you in your decision-making. We will answer your questions and explain the implications of the mortgage changes in easy to understand terms and how they affect you. Your broker will be a personal adviser during the entire home mortgage and financing processes, taking into consideration your immediate circumstances and your short and long-term ambitions!