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We can Help! What you need to know about buying your first home

Dream or nightmare?

It’s entirely your decision whether the search for your first home is a dream come true or a very bad nightmare! Perhaps you have visions of a spacious kitchen, a magnificent view, or being near a wonderful school for the kids. Maybe you can see a flowering garden, even with white rabbits! Whatever visualization you have; making it a reality needs awareness, careful planning, and determined preparation, including negotiating a first time mortgage.

Your beginning should be from a base of factual knowledge, which includes how much you can afford to spend on your first home. Once this is established, then you can set out your expectations, goals and look at your options! Instead at first using the common approach of viewing realtor listings, make contact with an established Guelph mortgage broker’s service. They possess the experience and knowledge that can help you avoid any potential pitfalls and make sure that when an opportunity arises, you’re ready for it.

Deciding on a plan of action is crucial because it is only then that you can organize your first-time mortgage and budget. Keep in mind that throughout the process, maintaining flexibility is an important ingredient for your success, because you have a variety of immediate, medium and long-term needs.

Your Guelph mortgage broker can advise and assist your progress as well as helping you through any difficult episodes. If you are selling an existing home, this can include advising you on the estimate of your home value. This is designed to estimate the current worth of your home’s which in turn helps you assess how your home equity will convert into the down payment for your new home.

Neighbourhood amenities and services are an essential influence in your lifestyle and can help in your buying decision of. A mortgage broker is highly experienced in various aspects related to property buying and selling. They can direct you to sources of information that can help in finding areas having the amenities important to you, for example, schools and parks and commuting distances.

Whether you’re a first-time or experienced buyer, it is important to be prepared well ahead. If applicable, consult a professional regarding a first time mortgage and have the satisfaction of knowing a financial institution is supporting an achievable reality!

At Mortgage Guys, we pride ourselves on the support we offer to all our first-time homebuyers as they start on their journey. Allow us to help take the pressure off, so you can focus on the excitement of buying your first home.