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Guelph ranked highest in Canada to buy real estate

Thriving Guelph

Guelph is now topping the list of the highly regarded MoneySense personal finance online magazine, as the city offering the most appealing real estate to buyers!  The significant increase in the residential market has, in turn, generated the new business sector into establishing themselves into what could be called, a market of opportunity.

This has been contributed to and motivated by the value of Guelph homes rising by 16-percent in 2016. For professional advice regarding the advantages associated with this thriving community, contact a mortgage broker in Guelph. Supporting this exciting development has been a productive workforce, which in turn enjoys the advantages provided by excellent educational resources. The number one Guelph ranking is determined by a series of key factors; namely:

  • Impetus of recent real estate transactions
  • Relative real estate values to closely situated cities or districts
  • Strength of the local economy
  • Local rental market price levels
  • Expert opinions from market-related real estate agents

The objective view

As with any potential opportunistic situation, there is always a degree of awareness required and in some respects, caution! A mortgage broker in Guelph will review all relevant aspects from different perspectives. One factor of any boom-type occurrence in the real estate market is the factor of over-value with resultant overpricing. What may seem a high-potential investment now could to an experienced professional appear as a reason for concern!

Although the factor of affordability is important, a vibrant and supported real estate market should provide a sustained income potential, justified price growth and especially a strong economy. A Guelph mortgage broker possesses an inherent knowledge of the area with its various influences and can provide reasons how Guelph meets this determined criteria.

Economic influences

The city of Guelph has an established and stable foundation with a minimal unemployment rate. It has the advantage of hosting manufacturing companies and green-tech businesses, as well as various government and education institutions. With a highly active rental market, property investors are given the opportunity of furthering their portfolios. This is supported by rental accommodation prices having risen by 20 percent during the past five years.  A Guelph mortgage broker is aware of the various economic influences and can advise investors and potential home buyers accordingly.

With a well-balanced market environment, homes in Guelph have increased their value by 16- percent in 2016. It is a further indication of why calling a professional should top your “To Do” list.