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Could getting a reverse mortgage help you save money?

If you aren’t overly enthusiastic about traditional mortgages, there might be an interesting alternative for you to think about. Some lenders are now offering the possibility of a reverse mortgage – an arrangement that challenges the conventional wisdom and presents a different type of a puzzle to solve. Since this unconventional idea is still largely unknown among the general population, this short intro could help many Canadians make a bold move that pays off in the end.

What are reverse mortgages?

Like their name implies, reverse mortgages are a type of financing that turns the entire concept of borrowing on its head. Instead of taking out one lump amount to buy real estate at the beginning of the cycle, the client is expected to repay the debt at once – at the end of the agreed period. The money for that payment usually comes from the value of the house, which can be sold at a price considerably higher than the original valuation. On the other hand,  the homeowner can receive cash injections when they are sorely needed without selling the real estate immediately.

Is this concept financially favourable?

A reverse mortgage can provide a lot of unique financial benefits for many people, especially those with large homes they bought a long time ago. Basically, it is a way to transform inactive home equity into live cash that can be used to support the family at a time of crises or make long-term investments that bear fruit several years later. In any case, a reverse mortgage provides additional financial latitude to homeowners, and it’s up to them to turn it into tangible financial advantages through shrewd budget management and other techniques.

How to get a reverse mortgage in Canada?

As the value of homes in the country continues to shoot upwards, reverse mortgage agreements are rapidly gaining in prominence and could soon become standard. A number of local banks have recently introduced similar programs in an attempt to mobilize the unused capital that lies tied in homes that keep gaining more and more value, so getting offers for reverse mortgages won’t be a problem. You should ask your trusted mortgage broker whether such a possibility is possible, and consider consulting with others in your vicinity. Of course, you will have to apply formally and demonstrate your home ownership to be eligible for this type of banking product.