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Buying your first house at 25? Yes, you can!

The moment you move into the first home that you bought for yourself stays forever etched in memory, but it comes at a different age for different people. With a large number of credit options available in Canada, even people in their mid-twenties could become homeowners if they play their cards right. Here are a few tips that can help young people put themselves in the best position to settle their residence issues as soon as they can:

Start working early

It is next to impossible to obtain a large loan without a steady job, so the first task is to secure a regular source of respectable income. Ideally, this would be a well-paying job in a reputable company located in the area where you want to live. College graduates should try to kick off their careers without delay, while those still in school should sniff around for suitable business opportunities in their free time.

Develop financial management skills

This is obviously important because you’ll have to service your mortgage loan regularly without skipping a single payment for years. However, maintaining a clean credit record can be crucial for getting the loan in the first place. Young people should have this in mind from an early age and take out a credit card (or a different type of loan) in order to practice good fiscal behavior and create a paper trail of transactions that will allow lenders some insight into their history.

Explore government programs for first-time buyers

As part of its housing policies, Canada runs a number of assistance programs. Some of them are intended for first-time home buyers and designed to lower the entry barriers to the real estate market. It might take a bit of administrative work to learn which of them you are eligible for and meet all the formal criteria for application, but it’s worth sacrificing a bit of time to earn more favourable loan conditions, especially if you are struggling to obtain a large enough loan through normal procedure.

Learn more about mortgages

For a first time home buyer, Guelph banks have a lot of different products. Knowing the difference between specific types of loan is a must, since choosing the wrong one could throw a wrench into your plans and destroy your financial flexibility. This is an education that will prove useful in many situations for the rest of your life, so there is really no excuse to be complacent about such a vital source of economic empowerment. A mortgage broker in Guelph can help you.